Vision for the Future of Nursing

United within the ICN, the nurses of all nations speak with one voice. We speak as advocates for all those we serve, and for all the unserved, insisting that social justice, prevention, care and cure be the right of every human being. We are in the vanguard of health care progress, shaping health policy around the world through our expertise, the strength of our numbers, our strategic and economic contributions, the alignment of our efforts, and our collaboration with the public, health professionals other partners, and individual, families, communities for whom we provide care.

Our mission is to lead our societies toward better health. Working together within the ICN, we harness the knowledge and enthusiasm of the entire nursing profession to promote healthy lifestyles, healthy workplaces, and healthy communities. We foster the health of our societies as well as individuals by supporting strategies of sustainable development that mitigate poverty, pollution, and other underlying causes of illness.

Working together, we are at the forefront of incorporating advanced technology into health care without losing the human element. We are determined that science and technology remain the servant of compassionate and ethical caring that includes meeting spiritual and emotional needs.

Working together, and reaching out to involve nursing students, we are achieving higher levels of nursing education in every nation — education that is liberally and scientifically based, flexible and culturally sensitive, and founded on the core values of our profession. We ensure that nurses, are educated for broad provider and policy roles that fully integrate and utilise nursing within multidisciplinary health teams. We equip nurses to be skilled points of entry for health care, able to care for clients and to guide them to other caregivers as appropriate. We continually add new clusters of competencies to lead and reflect dynamic changes in health care, and we ensure that health care systems recognise and reward those competencies. Together, we work for values, policies, standards and conditions that free nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and ability and within safe and caring environments.

Our work together is guided by a common philosophy of nursing: a commitment to caring in the fullest sense, being advocates for our patients, helping people to help themselves, and doing for people what they would do unaided if they had the necessary strength, will, or knowledge.

Our mutual efforts assure that ICN is dynamic, inclusive and proactive and that the nursing profession is highly valued everywhere, and appropriately utilised, recognised, rewarded, and represented throughout the health care system. Our highest reward is the certain knowledge that our work is shaping a future of healthy people in a healthy world.

Approved by the ICN Board of Directors in 1998
Revised by the ICN Board of Directors in 2007


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