Who we are FAQ How can I participate in the work of ICN?

How can I participate in the work of ICN?

Individual nurses can participate in ICN’s work in many different ways.  Nurses are welcome to attend any of ICN’s congress and conferences.  You can also offer your knowledge and expertise by becoming part of ICN’s bank of experts, which allows ICN to obtain a variety of viewpoints and input from as many sources as possible in a number of areas.  In addition, you can support ICN by joining your national nursing association and by volunteering to work on ICN projects where appropriate.  ICN is the hub for international Nursing Networks and we serve as the international exchange of ideas, experience and expertise for the nursing profession. By clicking on the relevant link, you can join one of our networks:

Likewise, ICN encourages nurses to participate in the ICNP® Programme.  The ICNP® Programme facilitates participation of individuals and groups in the ongoing development and maintenance of the ICNP®.  Individual researchers and organizations are encouraged to collaborate closely with ICN through their national nurses associations.  More information about participation can be found here By becoming a friend of Florence Nightingale International Foundation (FNIF), you can contribute to global nursing and healthcare. Your donation will provide funding for initiatives such as the Girl Child Project, ICN Mobile Library, Leadership and continuing education for nurses.  More information on how to become a Friend of FNIF can be found on www.fnif.org/friend.htm.

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