Membership Growth Award

About the Award

The ICN Membership Growth Award was created in 2010 to acknowledge the NNA achieving the most significant growth in the recruitment of nurses into membership of the association over the preceding quadrennium prior to the award ceremony.

The award is given to the NNA with the highest percentage increase over the quadrennium. Associations may only receive the award once per decade.


ICN members in good standing with their dues payment; having submitted their census for each of the years being assessed, and not in receipt of the NNA membership growth award over the past 10 years are eligible.

Nominations and Selection

There is no nomination for this award. Data is extracted from the annual census forms and biennial profiles received at ICN Headquarters during the four years preceding the presentation of the membership growth award and submitted to the Award Committee.

The Award committee reviews the data from biennial profiles and census forms to decide and recommend the recipient of the NNA Membership growth award to the Board for approval. 

Award Recipients

During the CNR meetings in Seoul the ICN Membership Growth Award 2015 in recognition of the highest percentage membership growth over the past four years, was given to:

-           the Nursing Association of Nepal; and

-           the Korean Nurses Association

CNR in Seoul congratulated these two associations for the incredible work they have made to grow their membership. These NNAs will receive free registration to the next Congress for two NNA representatives.

The inaugural ICN Membership Growth Award was presented to the Malaysian Nurses Association at the CNR held in Malta in 2011.

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