What We Do Projects Girl Child Education Fund What is the Girl Child Education Fund?
What is the Girl Child Education Fund?

What is the Girl Child Education Fund?

Sending girls to school - Securing healthy futures

Poverty, natural and man-made disasters, the HIV pandemic and the re-emergence of TB and malaria in developing countries are causing premature death, leaving behind millions of orphaned children, including those of nurses. Many will not be able to go to school unless we can help. Through the Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF) the orphaned daughters of nurses in developing countries are getting back to school. The GCEF supports the primary and secondary schooling of girls under the age of 18 in developing countries whose nurse parent or parents have died, paying for fees, uniforms, shoes and books. We work in partnership with member National Nurses Associations to ensure that the money goes directly to education costs. Every girl in our program is paired with a nurse volunteer to monitor her progress at school and at home.

GCEF graduate speaker at the FNIF 75th Anniversary LuncheNondunduzo Dlaminion at Congress

The FNIF 75th Anniversary Luncheon was held on 2 July 2009 at the ICN Congress in Durban, South Africa. The highlight of the Luncheon was the speech given by a graduate of the Girl Child Education Fund, Nondunduzo Dlamini, from Swaziland. A video of her presentation can be seen by following this link.

A transcript of her speech is available here.




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