Vision, Goals & Benefits of ICNP®

Vision, Goals & Benefits of ICNP®


ICNP® is an integral part of the global information infrastructure informing health care practice and policy to improve patient care worldwide.

Strategic Goals

  • Serve as a major force to articulate nursing’s contribution to health and health care globally.
  • Promote harmonization with other widely used classifications and the work of standardization groups in health and nursing.


  • Establishes an international standard to facilitate description and comparison of nursing practice;
  • Serves as a unifying nursing language system for international nursing based on state-of-the-art terminology standards;
  • Represents nursing concepts used in local, regional, national and international practice, across specialties, languages and cultures;
  • Generates information about nursing practice that will influence decision-making, education and policy in the areas of patient needs, nursing interventions, health outcomes, and resource utilization;
  • Facilitates the development of nursing data sets used in research to direct policy by describing and comparing nursing care of individuals, families and communities world wide;
  • Improves communication within the discipline of nursing and across other disciplines;
  • Encourages nurses to reflect on their own practice and influence improvements in quality of care.
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