Professional Practice

Professional Practice


In professional practice ICN's current focus is in the following areas: 

Leadership Development

Leadership is a common theme in all organisations today, and it is a long-standing concern for ICN. Over the years ICN has initiated many projects to prepare nurses for leadership. Today our initiatives are three pronged - one addressing knowledge and skills to lead in an era of reform Leadership for Change™, the second focusing on leading through skills in negotiation Leadership in Negotiation, and the Global Nursing Leadership Policy Institute.


The ICN eHealth Programme encompasses:

  • the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®), which provides an international standard to facilitate the description and comparison of nursing practice locally, regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • the ICN Telenursing Network which aims to involve and support nurses in the development and use of telehealth technologies.
  • the Connecting Nurses initiative which provides an online forum for nurses worldwide to share ideas, advice and innovations.

The goals of the Programme are to support eHealth practice, to be recognized as an authority on eHealth, and to be positioned centrally in the eHealth Community. With policies and strategies applicable throughout the ICN pillars and programmes, the ICN eHealth programme seeks to advance nurses' knowledge of and involvement in eHealth worldwide.


ICN's ever-increasing networks and connections to people reinforce the importance of strong linkages with national, regional and international nursing and non-nursing organisations. Building positive relationships internationally helps position ICN, nurses and nursing for now and the future. Our work with the specialised agencies of the United Nations system, particularly with WHO and the International Labour Organisation, are important for nurses everywhere. In addition, we work closely with a range of international non governmental organisations.