Glintt – Healthcare Solutions is integrated in a solid Portuguese company (Glintt) and concentrates 100% of its energy on the healthcare market. There are offices in Spain, Poland, and Angola. Glintt is currently seeking new markets to work with.

Glintt - HS’ strong presence in the market is due to its high quality standards that grasp individually the needs of each client. Glintt - HS’ software solutions cover a broad spectrum of the healthcare sector, which aim to eliminate inefficiencies, boost productivity and increase management capacity. The know-how accumulated throughout the years has prepared the company for future challenges, while maintaining the robustness and security that characterizes Glintt - HS’ present solutions.

Glintt - HS’ software solutions cover a broad spectrum of the healthcare sector, such as: Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Patient Record (EPR), Drug Circuit Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), Nursing Information Systems and Electronic Orders & Results.

In Glintt’s opinion, the patient should be regarded as the key element concerning patient care. In order to deliver a high quality service, all eyes and focus should be on the patient. This concern with the patient is always taken into account, and dealt with on a daily basis to better understand all needs involved. Therefore, Glintt – HS recognizes the importance of an appealing and user-friendly Information System that does not neglect all workflows, processes and information security.

Being the leader of the Portuguese IT Healthcare market is accomplished by the success attained in their clients, surpassing each goal set by them, and guaranteeing at all time the most excellent services in patient care.

Glintt Healthcare, S.A
Rua Engº. Ferreira Dias, 728
4100-246 PORTO

Phone: +351 707 227 247
FAX: +351 222 010 536

Contact: Flávio Teixeira,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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