News Room Press Releases ICN Press Releases 2012
ICN Press Releases 2012

ICN Press Releases 2012

  1. Describing Community Nursing: Building blocks for improvement (13 February 2012)
  2. Risk Reduction and Inter-professional Collaboration for TB Infection Control - A practical Toolkit for those involved in TB worldwide (23 March 2012)
  3. ICN and DENOSA launch Non-Communicable Disease Project in South Africa (30 March 2012)
  4. New ICN publications address nurse unemployment; reforming PHC; managing the complaints process; and nurses as entrepreneurs (4 April 2012)
  5. Online abstract submission now open for the 2013 ICN Congress (16 April 2012)
  6. ICN stresses critical need for evidence-based approach to nursing services (11 May 2012)
  7. ICN launches the Wellness Tree & second wave of the NCD nursing initiative to lead the fight against noncommunicable diseases (16 May 2012)
  8. ICN speaks up for nursing and health at the 65th World Health Assembly (19 June 2012)
  9. Harmonising nursing terminology internationally: Collaboration between the International Council of Nurses and SabaCare (20 June 2012)
  10. Interoperability of Health Care Data Advanced by the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) (3 July 2012)
  11. New Nurse Consultant responsible for professional practice and health policy joins ICN staff (25 July 2012)
  12. Registration Opens for ICN 25th Quadrennial Congress (14 September 2012)
  13. ICN’s Girl Child Education Fund receives the ‘Connecting Nurses’ Corporate Social Responsibility grant (17 September 2012)
  14. Thirty nurse leaders graduate from ICN-Burdett Global Nursing Leadership Institute (17 September 2012)
  15. Canadian nurse leader joins ICN staff as new consultant for socio-economic welfare (2 October 2012)
  16. Growing Your Health: the Wellness Tree ‘speaking book’ promotes healthy lifestyles to combat non-communicable diseases Globally non-communicable diseases cause 63% of deaths annually (15 October 2012)
  17. New ICNP Catalogue advances nurses knowledge and practice of pain management in children (4 November 2012)
  18. Revised ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses reflects importance of positive practice environments and evidence-based practice (3 December 2012)
  19. Registration Opens for Global Nursing Leadership Institute 2013 (13 December 2012)
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