ICN Networks Student Network Core Steering Group Guidelines Responsibilities of Core Steering Group
Responsibilities of Core Steering Group

Responsibilities of Core Steering Group


  • Preside at all meetings;
  • Explain and adjudicate questions of order;
  • Announce and conduct business;
  • Entertain one motion/resolution/item for discussion at a time;
  • Be fair and impartial;
  • Give signature when necessary;
  • Be ex-officio of all Subgroups;
  • Liaise with designated ICN staff consultant; and
  • Respond to, facilitate or refer all network inquiries.

Vice Chair

  • Review materials for publication and/or posting on website;
  • Represent the Student Network when Chairperson is not available;
  • Call the meeting to order in absence of the Chair; and
  • Inform candidates of being selected to serve on the Core Steering Group or Subgroup (s).


  • Keep and disseminate minutes of meetings;
  • Record name of the member introducing a motion/issue;
  • Maintain Network archives;
  • Receive and archive reports from Chair; and
  • Maintain Student Network Bulletins.

Membership Team

  • Respond to the Student Network applicants interested in volunteer participation in the network;
  • Establish and follow process of providing data to Subgroup Chairs for filling vacancies in Core Steering Group and Subgroups;
  • Report progress of membership and Student Network volunteers at annual Core Steering Group meetings;
  • Review potential members for Student Network recruited by the Core Steering Group or Subgroups or interested others; and
  • Act as liason to subgroups as assigned by the Chair.
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