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Professional Resources

  • Disturbing or facilitating? - On the Usability of Swedish eHealth 2013

On behalf of the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, five organisations including Vårdförbundet - the Swedish Association of Health Professionals have analysed the usability of current eHealth systems from the perspective of healthcare and social service professionals. The resulting report titled "Disturbing or facilitating? - On the Usability of Swedish eHealth 2013” can be used as a knowledge base and a guide in work aiming at improving existing eHealth systems as well as in procurement and development of new eHealth systems in health and social care. The full report in Swedish can be downloaded at www.storandeellerstodjande.se.
Summary of the report: http://www.storandeellerstodjande.se/Disturbing_or_facilitating.pdf

  • Telehealth in the Developing World

Richard Wootton, Nivritti G Patil, Richard E Scott, and Kendall Ho (Editors), Co-published by the Royal Society of Medicine Press LTD & International Development Research Centre, 2009.
The book, which is also available online (see URL below), has 28 chapters covering Policy, Education, and Clinical issues and examples about telehealth worldwide. Chapter 2, "Bridging the digital divide: Linking health and ICT policy", gives a very clear overview of this topic. Countries discussed in other chapters include Philippines, Brazil, India, Cambodia, Italy, Neal, Ecuador, China, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, Pakistan and Chechnya.


  • American Telemedicine Association – Telehealth Nursing Fact Sheet

The purpose of developing the ATA Telehealth Nursing Fact Sheet is to educate and provide nurses and non nurse members detailed information about Who, What, Where and Why about Telehealth Nursing and for disseminating this information throughout the global nursing communities. The Fact Sheet was written in collaboration with 13 American and 2 Canadian nurses who are leaders in the use of telecommunication technologies in healthcare.


  • CRNNS – Telenursing Practice Guidelines 2014

This document, Telenursing Practice Guidelines, has been developed by the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia (the College), as a resource for registered nurses who are providing or considering providing professional nursing services through the use of telehealth technologies. The intent of this guide is to support RNs and NPs to attain and maintain the necessary knowledge and skills required in telenursing in order to provide safe, competent, compassionate and ethical care.


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