The International Council of Nurses (ICN) International Student Nurse Network was established in 2007 to provide an international resource for current or future student nurses, newly graduated nursing students and others interested in student nursing issues such as educators, policy makers, regulators, and health planners.

The network provides an evolving forum for discussion, follows trends in the field, and disseminates relevant and timely information. The Core Steering Group provide the leadership and infrastructure necessary to facilitate the aims and objectives of the network. Members of these groups are student nurses committed to providing support for the presence, initiation and maintenance of students in initial nursing education programs globally.

The network uses an informal model of organization and functions in collaboration with, and under the umbrella of, the International Council of Nurses. This provides a strong global dimension as well as international co-ordination and support for the work of the network. ICN's policies and official positions on nursing and health related issues are the framework within which the Network functions. Representation from ICN is through a designated staff member liaison to the Core Steering Group.

These guidelines have been developed to inform members and potential members of the scope of service and opportunities for participation in the activities and business of the network.

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