ICN Networks
ICN Networks

ICN Networks

Previously ICN provided opportunities for nurses to meet informally at its meetings. However, living in what is becoming an increasingly complex and fast changing world, more immediate ways are needed to communicate and pursue common professional interests.

ICN has chosen a networking mechanism to do this because networks are about:

  • getting to know people outside your immediate circle of contacts.
  • establishing and using contacts for information, support and other assistance.
  • building relationships and most importantly networks.
  • communicating.

Networks can go beyond organisational, professional, disciplinary and national boundaries.

ICN has identified some activities for its networks. They may:

  • identify issues early and monitor how they develop.
  • follow trends.
  • offer special expertise through creating a resource pool from network members.
  • disseminate ICN's and others' work in the area of interest; and organise meetings and conferences.


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