ICN Networks Telenursing Network Goals and Benefits
Goals and Benefits

Goals and Benefits

The principal goals of ICN's Telenursing Network are:

  1. to serve as a global resource for nurses working or interested in telenursing practice, technology development, policy, standards, education and research; 
  2. to promote effective networking and linkages, and 
  3. to enable the sharing of telenursing knowledge and expertise and stimulate reflection on the changing nature of nursing care delivery systems across the globe.

As an evolving and dynamic resource, the ICN Telenursing Network:

  • Provides a global forum for addressing issues related to telenursing/telehealth.
  • Promotes awareness of telenursing so that the roles and expertise of telenurses are understood, respected and optimized within the health care system.
  • Promotes telenursing as an accepted means for nurses to extend their reach to patients via the use of information and telecommunications technologies.
  • Assists with the development and sharing of knowledge, tools and guidelines which nurses can use to embed telenursing skills and competencies into their practice.
  • Promotes sound telenursing practice.
  • Examines how telenursing can serve as a nursing force multiplier, extending the reach of nurses to more patients and providing better access to care.
  • Establishes links between ICN’s Telenursing Network and those international organizations that promote and support the use of telehealth and advanced technologies for telenurses.
  • Provides opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and experience to develop the science and practice of telenursing.
  • Organizes meetings and conferences.
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