Permission to use ICNP®

ICNP® is owned and copyrighted by the International Council of Nurses (ICN). ICN is interested in facilitating access to ICNP® and promoting its use.

Any use of ICNP®, be it commercial or not, requires the signing of an agreement authorizing such use. ICN is interested in protecting its copyright of ICNP®. All those wanting to use ICNP® for any purpose need permission from ICN.

  • When the use is commercial and involves distribution of a product for-profit (e.g software) there is a licensing fee. If you are planning to incorporate the ICNP® into a product you intend to sell or license to others, you will need an ICNP® Licensing & Distribution Agreement.
  • If the use is non-commercial or distribution of a product that is sold for the cost of production, such as use of ICNP® in education and research, there is no fee. For non-commercial internal or non-profit use, you will need an Agreement for Non-commercial Use of ICNP®
  • Other applications, such as government use within a national health information system, will be negotiated in a case-by-case basis.

As well as protection of copyright, ICN is most concerned about facilitating access to ICNP® for use by nurses. So, there are no plans to give anyone copyright or to give any exclusive license rights for products, as this could bring a barrier to nurses wanting to use ICNP® in their countries.

Please contact the ICNP® Programme for further information about permission to use ICNP®.

Mise à jour le Vendredi, 10 Avril 2015