ICNP® Conference Presentations

ICNP® Conference Presentations

  • ENI Congress 2015

Mapping LEP & ICNP

  • HIMSS AsiaPac 15

ICNP Masterclass – 10 September 2015

  • CCC User Group Seminar 2013

Harmonising CCC & ICNP

  • AMIA 2013

Collaborative Development and Maintenance of Health Terminologies

  • ICN Congress 2013

Advancing Health Equity Through eHealth
Improving Access to Healthcare through eHealth

  • ACENDIO 2013

Electronic Nursing Care Transition -an experience - Madeira Portugal

Facilitating eHealth using ICNP Catalogues

  • ICNP Conference in Poland (2-3 July 2012)

ICNP Powerpoint Presentations
ICNP Main Speaker Presentations
  (dzień drugi)

  • NI 2012 eHealth workshop (23 June 2012)

Implementing Standardized Terminology in EHR
What is an ICNP Catalogue?
Portugal Experience in Implementing ICNP - The Madeira Case
ICNP Challenges and Opportunities from a Norwegian Perspective

  • Poster session (25 June 2012)

Mapping ICNP and the Omaha System

  • MIE 2011

ICNP & eHealth: History and Possibilities
Development of a Community Nursing Catalogue

Implementing ICNP in Portugal

  • ICN Conference 2011
  • ICNP Consortium (5 May 2011)

ICNP Consortium
eHealth Overview
Federal University of Paraiba - ICNP Centre
Flinders University - ICNP Centre
German Speaking User Group - ICNP Centre
Korean - ICNP Centre
Medical University of Lodz - ICNP Centre
Porto Nursing School - ICNP Centre
UMN - ICNP Centre

  • ICNP Main Session (7 May 2011)

ICN & eHealth
ICN eHealth & Practice in Norway
ICNP in Poland - Vision & Reality

  •  Polish Nurses Association ICNP® Conference

ICNP® Introduction
ICNP® Programme
ICNP® Catalogues
ICNP® Catalogue Workshop
ICNP® Centres Workshop

  • ICN Congress 2009

Disaster Nursing Session
ICN core data sets
Participation in ICNP®
International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®):Version 2
Paraiba Brazil ICNP® Centre for Consortium 2009

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