ICNP® Concept Submission and Review Guideline

ICNP® Concept Submission and Review Guideline

To ensure the dynamic nature of ICNP®, the Programme has established a new process for submission and review of new concepts or changes to existing concepts. Concept changes include modification or inactivation (never deletion). ICNP® concepts are always coded with a unique identifier.

Concept Submission
ICN welcomes any and all recommendations from nurses and other ICNP® users worldwide. Participation is open to scholars and clinicians in the global nursing and healthcare communities, to meet the goals of having a clinically relevant, valid and useful classification of nursing practice that yields data sensitive to cultural variation and local circumstance.

ICNP® Concept Submission & Review Process Model
New Concept Submission Form
Modify Concept Submission Form
Inactivate Concept Submission Form

Nurse experts are encouraged to volunteer to be ICNP® concept reviewers.
Expert Reviewer Application

Concept Review
Reviews will normally be accomplished via email or a web-based application. Potential reviewers without internet access can also be accommodated using facsimile or post. When the concept and its accompanying material are received by ICN, a set of reviewers is asked to review and comment on the submission. The reviewers would have expertise in the area of the concept under review and reflect as wide a cultural, geographical representation as possible.

Review Criteria
The criteria used to review recommendations include the following.

  • Concept is within the nursing domain.
  • Concept is useable and useful in practice.
  • Concept and concept description
    • Should not be redundant with other ICNP® concepts.
    • Should be supported by scientific evidence found in literature or validation studies.
  • Concept does not violate the ICNP® structure.

Review Form – New Concept
Review Form – Recommendation for Concept Modification
Review Form – Recommendation for Concept Inactivation

Feedback on Guidelines

If you have any feedback on the guidelines (eg, clarity, needs improvement) please send your comments to the ICNP® Programme Director.

All feedback will be helpful in continuing the development and expansion of ICNP®.

For permission to use ICNP® or to communicate interest in ICNP® review or development,
please contact the ICNP® Programme.

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