About Student Network

About Student Network

Welcome to the International Council of Nurses Student Network! Full membership is open to individuals who are currently undertaking a program of education leading to initial qualification as a nurse in their country or who have qualified within the last two years.

The aim of the ICN Student Network is to:

Create an international network of individual nursing students that exists based upon the values of inclusiveness, diversity, equity, accountability and collegial communication which will serve to collaboratively advance the international nursing agenda in the interest of the public.

With the following specific objectives:

  • Provide a forum for nursing students throughout the world to discuss topics related to individual and community health, education and science and to formulate policies from such discussions;
  • Promote and facilitate professional and scientific exchanges and extracurricular training for nursing students;
  • Link nursing students and international health organizations and encourage co-operation between them for the ultimate benefit of society;
  • Recognize the international responsibility of nursing students to foster and advocate for a social justice agenda.

These are important and ambitious objectives and we will need your help in order meet them. We currently exploring new ways in which nursing students, at all levels of education, can participate in ICN Student Network and help this Network to meet these objectives.

This website serves as our primary communication tool and encourage you to check back often for updates and new information. The first thing you can do is to join the network by completing the student application form (under review).

If you or any students you work with would like to become more involved with ICN or if you/they have any suggestions about how ICN Student Network can better serve its student members, please complete the Student Network Application form (under review) and feel free to contact us.

We thank you for your continued involvement in the ICN Student Network and look forward to hearing from you!

Mise à jour le Mardi, 26 Juillet 2016