HIV-AIDS Network Membership Guidelines

The ICN HIV/AIDS Network has recently been established to provide a resource for nurses working in, or interested in, HIV policy, practice, education and research. The network provides a forum to enable members to share knowledge and expertise. It will disseminate relevant information which reflects the changing and evolving experience of HIV infection worldwide. A Network Advisory Group is being set up to facilitate activities of the Network.

The network uses an informal model of organisation and functions under the umbrella of ICN. This provides a strong global dimension as well as international co-ordination and support. ICN’s policies and official positions on nursing and health related matters provide the framework for Network activity.

Membership guidelines
The HIV/AIDS Network is part of ICN’s coalition of networks that foster nursing globally through individual membership. Persons practicing in or interested in the field of HIV/AIDS care are invited to join in the development and advancement of the network goals.

Participation in the network is free at present and membership forms can be found here

Aims and objectives
The key objective of the ICN HIV/AIDS Network is to be an integrated resource for nurses working in or interested in HIV policy, practice development, education and research.

By promoting networking and linkages, the network will enable knowledge and expertise to be shared, while reflecting the changing nature of HIV client-care across the globe.

There is a  Network Coordinator and Network Advisory Group whose members facilitate the activities of the Network and who liaise with members throughout the World.

Mise à jour le Vendredi, 10 Avril 2015