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21   Link   Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – Human Resources for Health Care
This site offers information about OECD's Health Project- Human Resources for Health Care.
22   Link   Spotlight on Statistics
Spotlight on Statistics is a series of fact files on health workforce statistics produced by the Department of Human Resources for Health, World Health Organization.
23   Link   The Health Manager's Toolkit by Management Sciences for Health
This site hosts a searchable compenduim of tools designed to assist professionals working in health services. The webiste is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
24   Link   The Observatory of Human Resources in Health – The Americas
The observatory website offers information and resources about its operations in the various countries of this region.
25   Link   Training Health Managers: 10 Years Experience in Latin America
An e-book of interest to health care managers.
26   Link   World Bank – Human Resources
The Human Resources section of the World Bank's website houses information, statistical data, tools, etc. related to health human resources.
27   Link   World Health Organization – Department of Human Resources for Health
This site contains information and resources related to WHO's activities aimed at strengthening Member States capacity to plan, educate and manage their health workforce.
28   Link   World Health Organization Global Atlas of the Health Workforce
The WHO Global Atlas of the Health Workforce provides data (e.g. density, employment status, gender, age, etc.) on health workers in WHO's 192 Member States.
29   Link   World Health Organization – Office of Nursing and Midwifery
The WHO Office of Nursing and Midwifery web page offers information about WHO's strategic directions and activities aimed at strengthening nursing and midwifery services in its Member States.
30   Link   World Health Organization – Sources of Health Workforce Statistics
This online database houses a collection of data sources on health workforce statistics.
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