Participation in ICNP®

  • The ICNP® Programme encourages and facilitates participation of individuals and groups in the ongoing development and maintenance of the ICNP®.
  • Nurses and organisations are encouraged to use ICNP® in clinical practice and to carry out research and development projects involving ICNP®.
  • Nurses with similar interests in ICNP® are encouraged to apply to become ICN-Accredited ICNP® Research & Development Centres. Centres set their own work plan objectives and meet every two years at ICNP® Consortium meetings.
  • ICN retains copyright for the ICNP®. Permission to translate, publish, reproduce and distribute is granted on a case-by-case basis. Contact the ICNP® Programme Director if you plan to use ICNP® in research, education, practice, or clinical information systems development.

More information about participation can be found here

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