Network Launch

The ICN Telenursing Network launch on 1 July 2009 at the ICN Congress in Durban South Africa was attended by over 60 enthusiastic people. Franz Wagner, 1st Vice President of ICN, welcomed the group in the name of ICN President Hiroko Minami. Claudia Bartz, ICN staff, talked briefly about ICN services to networks and ICN network obligations. She announced to the audience the names of the 12 members of the Telenursing Network Advisory Group and described in general terms some of the network aims and activities. Four members of the Advisory Group then described their work and also talked about their ideas for the continued advancement of telenursing in the context of eHealth. The speakers, who truly represented the world, were Jennifer Chipps, South Africa; Isabel Amelia Costa Mendes, Brazil; Shane Kruger, Australia; and Angela Single, United Kingdom. A fifth member of the Advisory Group, Thomas Kwok Shing Wong, was also at the session. The final speaker, Frank Lievens, International Coordinator of Med-e-Tel and also Secretary and Treasurer of the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth, encouraged the audience to be full partners in the advancement of telenursing and eHealth. Then followed a question and answer session with good discussion about regulatory issues (e.g., licensure, malpractice, and data ownership), and care delivery sites (e.g., from islands to cities). Ideas for the network included a newsletter, a bulletin board for questions and answers, translation of information, sharing of good practices, sharing teaching material, a speakers bureau, and collaborative projects with eHealth organizations.
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