Network History

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) acknowledges that telenurses using information and communication technologies (ICT) extend nursing’s reach and improve access to care. In telenursing, ICT ranges from the simple telephone to sophisticated voice and video interactive systems and can make care delivery more efficient and potentially more effective. ICN recognizes that telenursing represents a new age in healthcare delivery. By capitalizing on the power of technology and collaboration among health care professionals, telenursing is well positioned to address current and emerging health system challenges such as those related to aging populations and chronic illnesses; community and home based care; access problems related to geographical, social and financial circumstances; increasing costs and reduced funding; and nursing shortages.

ICN published a monograph, Telehealth and Telenursing: Nursing and Technology Advance Together, in 2000 and the International Professional Standards for Telenursing Programmes in 2001. Both were developed by Kathleen Milholland Hunter. Following an International Telenursing Role Survey in 36 countries and a thorough literature review, ICN published International Competencies for Telenursing in 2007, developed by Loretta Schlachta-Fairchild. Through these publications, telenursing was recognized as an important contributor to the ICN mission of advancing nursing and health worldwide.

ICN is pleased to support the work of telenurses, to promote opportunities for exchange of ideas and expertise, and to support the professional goal of integrating telenursing roles into global nursing practice.

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