Redes de Enfermería Red de Enfermería de zonas rurales y alejadas

Rural and Remote Nursing Network

The ICN Rural and Remote Nursing Network aims to connect, educate, support and collaborate with nurses from across the globe who have an interest in rural and remote nursing, with the goal of improving the timeliness, quality and access of a broad range of health care services and nursing practice for individuals, their families, communities and countries.

The principal goal of the ICN Rural and Remote Nursing Network is to serve as a global resource for nurses working or interested in rural and remote nursing practice. By promoting effective networking and linkages, the Network enables the sharing of nursing knowledge and expertise and stimulates reflection on the changing nature of nursing care delivery systems across the globe specifically for people living in rural and remote areas. The Network will also serve as a resource for rural and remote nurses in the areas of technology development, policy, standards, education and research.

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