Meeting of the ICN HIV/AIDS Network at the ICN Conference, Malta

The ICN HIV/AIDS Network met during the ICN Conference in Malta, 4-7 May 2011. This is the fourth meeting of the Network since its launch in 2005. Participants with diverse HIV and AIDS expertise and interests attended the meeting. The session was chaired by Tesfa Ghebrehiwet, ICN Consultant, Nursing and Health Policy.

Following an overview of the ICN HIV/AIDS Network's aim, scope and membership and recent activities, there were brief presentations and discussions on the following areas:

  • Nurse capacity initiative in HIV/AIDS: Jennifer Dohrn, ICAP/INCI, Columbia University.
  • PMTCT of HIV infections: Carmen Anazor, AIDS Unit, Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, Mauritius.
  • National and international networking activities and experiences of ANAC: Adele Webb, ANAC, USA.
  • Regional networking activities and experiences of SANNAM: Nyangi Philemon Ngomu, SANNAM, South Africa.

The presentations were followed by open discussions addressing the following questions:

  • How can the ICN HIV/AIDS Network add value to the work of nurses in AIDS care?
  • What are the HIV/AIDS issues and priorities in your country and what should ICN be advocating at the international level?
  • How could we stimulate involvement of Network members (e.g. Network Bulletin, website chat page)?

The participants highlighted the importance of networking and exchanging of information and best practices to promote excellence in clinical practice, related to HIV and AIDS.

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