Liaison Role for Core Steering Group Members

Goal: Liaise and provide support to the designated Subgroup chair and Subgroup members.

  • Plan and schedule periodic communication activities about the projects of the Subgroup.
  • Facilitate activities and projects in collaboration with the Chair of the Subgroup(s).
  • Communicate status of the Subgroup periodically to Core Steering Group chair.
  • Meet with the Subgroup Chair and members during the annual meeting;
  • Provide a report of the Subgroup's activities related to their action plan to the Core Steering Group at the annual meeting;
  • Communicate with the Chair and Subgroup members regarding the work set out in the action plan;
  • Clarify the process to be used by the Subgroup Chair to facilitate problem solving;
  • Learn the areas of expertise and resources available to the Subgroup through its members;
  • Become a resource for the members of the Subgroup for the planned work and activities;
  • Educate oneself on topics addressed by the Subgroup from an international perspective; and
  • Act as a resource for the Subgroup Chair to facilitate problem solving.

Criteria for Liaison Representative

  • Member of the Core Steering Group;
  • Has had previous experience as coordinator, team leader, or officer in an organization/agency; and
  • Knowledge of mentoring process, ability and desire to assist colleagues in professional growth.
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